Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New X7 - restyling of BMW X5

New restyling by unknown to the bmw world lover:

Image tags: mbw x7, bwm x7, bm wx7, bmw 7x, bmwx7.

hq video BMW X7

Pretty nice or Ugly work? Let the voting begin!


  1. it looks quite bad =\ but idea was good.

  2. dude you've destroyed your car xD

  3. I was just reading in the latest issue of bimmer about what German BMW entusiasts think of what Americans due to BMW

    and one of the said "it's absoltuley saddening what some American's do to their BMWs"

    here is great proof of what they were talking about.

  4. There are OBVIOUSLY BMW enthusiasts who wouldnt ever do this to their bimmers in the US!!

  5. remember Facelift with the lamps of the old 7 series on the front ;)

  6. Come on !! Get it back to what it was !

  7. Headlights look pretty good..

    It's the bumper and bumper guard that look a little out of whack.

    Otherwise, good job! Some people just cant appreciate hard work when they see it.

  8. x5 = nice
    x6 = ygly
    this x7 = worse


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